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Our goal is to protect children and world wide society from unworthy and unwanted websites content. Family Friendly Site provides safety advices about websites content before you or your children visit any risky site.

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Check out our Family Friendly safety test results for the sites you want to visit. Enter a URL (example: and the Family Friendly Site scanner will check the website for trustworthy and child safe content.

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You can check at any given time whether a website can actually be visited free of threats such as inappropriate content, malware etc.

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We use various sources to improve the quality of our audits. Even if one of them marks the website as "bad" it will be immediately blacklisted. You can be sure - it's the most reliable filter.


Our service periodically collects statistics about the most visited sites worldwide. You will receive safety advices of the websites content in the blink of an eye.

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Yes, all for free. We do not require registration, payment or your credit card number. We won't even upload cute kitty photos to make you donate.