Frequently Asked Questions

Which browsers are supported by Family Friendly extension?

Currently our Family Friendly extension supports Chrome, Chromium, Opera and Firefox browsers.
Make sure you have installed latest version of browsers listed above.

How to install Family Friendly extension?

If you are using browser listed in our supported browser list above, have latest version of it installed, then you can install it from your browser store page, link can be found here.

How to add websites to whitelist/blacklist

That useful option is located in the extension setttings - whitelist or blacklist tabs.

I've encountered bad website which was not filtered, what should I do?

While our filtering system is one of the best available, it may overlook some fresh, not fully scanned content made few days ago, or hacked trusted website with modified content. Usually that doesn't happens at all but what can you do about it? Let's see:

  • Please make sure extension is installed and enabled. You should notice green icon near address bar when navigating trusted websites.
  • Check if website is not in your personal whitelist.
  • Check that website status on our website homepage, if our check states that particular website is trusted (green) then please contact our support team so we can perform manual audit of that particular website.
  • You can add any website you think non acceptable to you or your family into your personal blacklist and disable it manually.